Angel Escalera


Who is Angel Escalera?

Angel is an expert in the fields of detoxification and cellular regeneration (Holistic Health) and strength training.

For over 6 years Angel's holistic approach to fixing the root-cause of health conditions and education has changed the lives of countless people in New England. By working the body as a whole system and finding remedy to fix the root-cause of health issues. Angel has been successful with many chronic and degenerative cases where traditional treatments have failed. Angel's detoxification program has helped countless people become the best versions of themselves physically, mentally , and emotionally.

 Angel is the founder of Pure Movement Holistic Health Center based in Massachusetts USA. 

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Dabnes Lee

Personal Trainer

This is Dabnes Lee, a certified personal trainer. He trains many clients through 1:1 and also coaches a holistic boot camp. Dabnes personalizes workouts specifically for each client. He has a strong passion for his clients to become a better version of their self mentally, physically, and spiritually. He enjoys watching his clients grow and change through each session and gives them a great deal of confidence and motivation to strive to be better and achieve their own goals. Helping you reach your goals is his #1 priority. 

Dabnes is an out going person who enjoys being outdoors. He enjoys working out and hiking. He loves being in nature and finding new adventures. His favorite sport is basketball and he enjoys playing at the local basketball courts in his spare time. 

Before joining Pure Movement Dabnes was in a dark place within himself. He did not know what he wanted to do with his life and felt like he was losing time to figure it out. He joined Pure Movement’s bootcamp to work on himself and while being there it changed him for the better. He found himself and found his passion on what he wanted to do with his life. He has been dedicated and committed since the first day he walked into Pure Movement. Dabnes has improved his health through a plant based diet and exercise and hopes to improve the health and nutrition world wide one by one. 


Walter Cabreja

Personal Trainer

Walter Cabreja a Louisiana-born, Lowell native and UML graduate is a highly regarded, results-focused, quality driven personal trainer/holistic BC coach whose passion always has and continues to be fitness along with healing and helping people. Inspired by the needs and goals of his clients, Walter has made a high level commitment to holistic health and aiding individuals to strengthen their life style so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, healthy and empowered individuals! 

Walter epitomizes energy, hard work, and creative service in every detail of your personal trainer experience. An athlete by nature, throughout the years Walter has spent his free time hiking through trails in Yosemite National Park in California, snowboarding in New Hampshire, camping in the Colorado Rockies, trekking through the Arches National park in Utah and taking his challenges to other numerous places. A former runner, Walter has also had a successful running experience at the high school and collegiate levels and continues to participate in local races. Walter has also spent time coming up with projects that give back to the community such as painting a mural of the world at his local elementary school to promote positive environments for the youth. Grateful for developing strong relationships, Walter makes sure that new clients are welcomed in a way that has been customary at Pure Movement.